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What is the Process of Buying an EV SSL Certificate?

A small data file, which secures an encrypted key to a business’s information digitally, is known as a Secure Sockets Layer Certificate or SSL Certificate. Used primarily to keep a company’s information safe, the SSL Certificate activates a visible lock over the web server. You can see this happen when the left side of the URL bar becomes green and a small padlock becomes visible. Used to transmit private information securely and safely from prying eyes, SSL certificates process transactions such as credit cards, logins, and valuable data transfers.

Determining Your Needs

Before purchasing an SSL Certificate, you need to know which SSL works for your business website. An Extended Validation (EV) SSL Certificate requires that the applicant’s business information is valid and current. The applicant’s business credentials are verified to ensure they are not a spammer, phishing site, or hacker. General partnerships, corporations, government agencies, and sole proprietors are eligible to receive EV SSL certificates.

Providing Proper Documentation

Depending on the Certificate Authority (CA) Company you use to purchase the SSL Certificate, the necessary documentation can vary. If your business is a large corporation, expect to have extensive documentation ready for submission. For smaller business owners, such as a sole proprietor, the information is limited to your domain server and business information. Most businesses often require an EV SSL Certificate to continue with online sales and generate trusting relationships with consumers.

The list below provides the basic information needed to apply for an SSL Certificate:

  • Length of business existence and identity
  • Physical business address
  • Business activity
  • Photo ID(s)
  • Domain name

Provide accurate and current information that states you are the registered business owner of the web server or domain name to avoid processing delays. The Certificate Authority Company will verify the information before issuing the EV certificate to the requester. Note that EV SSL certificates take up to a week or two before issuing. Because the information needed for EV SSL Certificates is extensive, it will take time for the information to be verified and processed.

Understanding the Costs

You can pay anywhere from $200 to $1,000 dollars for an SSL Certificate. The difference in price depends on the SSL certificate your business requires. Some certificates provide minimal security for up to two domain names. Extended Validation certificates provide security for all browsers that connect to your business website and across multiple sites that your business possesses.

The Benefits of an SSL Certificate

Like most businesses, they are selling a product or service. To gain consumer trust online, business owners should purchase an SSL Certificate for their website. This certificate clearly expresses to potential consumers that their information is secure when they make a purchase. It also allows businesses to demonstrate their concern for their consumer’s private information by providing a secure website for transactions.

Purchasing an EV SSL Certificate is an annual expense. Businesses gain authority, trust, and more consumers by using these certificates. Even now, social media sites have implemented SSL Certificates to secure visitors that browse their social channels. Since the benefits outweigh the cost of the certificate, businesses should view it as an asset to grow their online presence and website authority.