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Web.com Email Marketing Review

Turn the millions of users that browse the web each day into consumers for your business. Using the tactical email marketing features of ExactTarget in partnership with web.com, you have the advantage over the competition of your brand.

Some businesses don’t have the time needed to market their business properly. Having organic search traffic, in addition to business listings takes time, and can cost money if not done properly. With the use of web.com email marketing, your business will appear on the most used search engines and be listed on the popular social networks sites.

Whether your business is big or small, you can benefit from using web.com’s email marketing services. Reach 500 or 100,000 consumers online. List your business in all corners of the Internet and never be without traffic or conversions.

Web.com’s email marketing provides users with several options that allow them to dominate their email marketing campaigns. Web.com provides users with easy sign-up forms that capture names and email addresses. Auto-responders included in the program offers users the chance to send welcome emails to their new customers.

Monitor the success of emails with detailed reporting. This reporting feature helps you to find out which of your emails are opened and which are ignored. You can also find out if you are reaching your target market effectively.

Your emails do not have to be boring or plain. With web.com’s email marketing, users have the option to decorate their emails with professional email marketing templates. Additionally, with the real-time marketing tools, you’ll be able to prevent your emails from being trashed in the junk folders.

Email Creation
Using Web.com’s email creation is simple to do. Users can create emails with the many templates available, or they can choose a theme that provides ready-to-go emails. Layout options are available to choose how the email is going to look before being sent. To the right of the email creation choices are video tutorials that assist the user with email creation and choosing themes.

Users have options to manipulate the images within the email creation system. Drag, rotate or resize images to fit the overall layout of the email or newsletter. Don’t worry about losing any changes. The autosave function saves your created emails every few moments, making it easier to keep track of your changes.

Campaign Analysis Tools
Web.com’s campaign analysis tools provide users with plenty of options to evaluate the success of their campaigns. Users can view click-through rates, delivery rates, click activity, and open rates. They also have the ability to view intricate subscriber detail such as link clicks, survey results and open times.

Email reports from web.com’s email marketing provide detailed information regarding campaign performance. For instance, you can view the number of times your emails have been open and check it against the overall average. Additionally, you’ll also be privy to information such as email design tips and best-performing subject lines for better response rates.

In web.com’s email application center, the marketing data will automatically point out areas of improvement in your emails. Users will be led by a number system that explains content results and how to improve future emails.

Pricing for web.com’s email marketing program is dependent on the number of subscribers in your email address book. Users can send as many emails as they need to reach their audience. All prices are charged monthly only.

500 subscribers $14.95 $14.95 6.6%
2500 subscribers $29.95 $29.95 16.69%
5000 subscribers $49.95 $49.95 20%
10,000 subscribers $74.95 $74.95 26.6%
25,000 subscribers $149.95 $149.95 33.3%
50,000 subscribers $249.95 $249.95 40%
75,000 subscribers $349.95 $349.95 42.8%
100,000 subscribers $449.95 $449.95 44.4%

Ease of Use
Email and campaign creation are easy with web.com’s email marketing program. Photos and email layouts are provided in their simplest form so users can generate the emails they want quickly.

Working in collaboration with ExactTarget reporting, users will find out how to improve campaigns and emails. Chart data, numbers and comments, all make it easier to define where the problem lies in your email marketing campaigns. Utilizing this technology allows you to properly reach your target audience and get responses.

Special Features?
  1. Preview emails before sending
  2. Video tutorials
  3. Manage subscriber lists
  4. Email spam filtering
  5. Auto-responders
  6. Track opens and clicks