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Six of the Best Apps for Running a Business

iPad & Mac Apps

It’s not easy to run a business. If you find yourself becoming frustrated with business productivity, you may not be using the right tools. Today’s technology eases such frustration with PC software and mobile apps that sync information and remain up-to-date. Below are six of the best apps to boost business productivity.

1. Adobe Acrobat DC

Sign and edit documents from your tablet PC, smartphone, and laptop with Adobe Acrobat DC (Document Cloud). Don’t worry about losing the formatting of your PDF. Adobe Acrobat DC preserves the PDF no matter what type of device you use to make edits. It’s smooth and provides plenty of the same features that Adobe uses in its Acrobat Pro features.

2. Pages (Apple)

Work outside of your office with all the word processing tools in one convenient app. Pages, strictly available for Apple users, allows you to succeed in productivity without requiring multiple apps and additional devices. With Pages, you can create stunning word documents and work within the cloud. You can also incorporate MS word documents with Pages’ conversion capabilities. Expand your business documents by including Numbers for spreadsheets and Keynote to develop eye-catching presentations.

Additionally, users can save their Pages’ documents into online storage services like Google Drive and Dropbox for easier access. Connect and collaborate with others using online storage and make changes in Pages for immediate review.

3. Dragon NaturallySpeaking (Nuance Software Series)

While writing can take a toll on the creative mind, it can also cause wrists and fingers to suffer. Instead of powering through painful writing, try using dictation software such as Dragon NaturallySpeaking (DNS). Not only will the software dictate your voice to words, you can also produce three times as many words than you would with typing.

Available Windows and Mac platforms, this software only requires a headset and microphone for you to begin dictation. The accuracy level depends on your continued use of the software and allowing it to search your computer for documents to match your way of speaking. DNS also performs updates to upgrade the software to the latest accuracy and database.

4. FreshBooks

Manage your invoicing and billing with FreshBooks for PC and mobile. FreshBooks lets you remind vendors and clients when invoices are due. Schedule invoicing dates and create new invoices with your business templates. Keep track of items sold and services paid with FreshBooks.

FreshBooks for mobile is designed for Android and iPhone. Not only do users receive the same benefits and features of FreshBooks for PC, but they can also design professional invoices, email, and chat with clients. Synchronize everything in the mobile app with your FreshBooks account and never miss a payment again.

5. LinkedIn

Everyone knows that LinkedIn is the business professional’s social network. Your professional profile and samples help get you the job you want or need. Putting your business on LinkedIn helps you gain more customers and exposure.

While LinkedIn is regularly used on the PC, the LinkedIn app now allows you to be mobile and still update your profile. You can follow users, add new contacts, and join in discussions using the LinkedIn for Android. You can stay up-to-date with the latest LinkedIn news on your mobile device without ever sitting at your computer.

6. Square

Accept credit cards without using an expensive credit card machine and avoid high merchant costs with Square for Android and iPhone. The little card reader fits easily into the 3.5mm jack of your phone. Swipe the credit card and pay 2.75% with each swipe of each major credit card. There are no hidden fees or merchant accounts required. Run your business anywhere you are and see payments in your account within two business days.

Plus, the mobile app allows you to sync your data with online carts and storefronts including Weebly, Vend, and WooCommerce. View changes inventory whether sales are online, or not.

Technology allows many small business and large businesses more productivity and faster results. Make your business run smoothly with necessary PC software and mobile applications.